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Malin Marine Consultants Ltd specialise in the Offshore, Marine and Heavy Lift sectors. The company was formed in 2002 as an offshoot of its sister company Henry Abram and Sons Ltd. Malin has grown from supporting its sister company, to being a recognised consultancy in its own right. Building on the ever increasing need for technical expertise in the specialised transport industry, Malin now offers a range of services for a varied client base.

Malin believe strongly that a company is only as good as its employees. Malin are proud of our engineers who possess a diverse and flexible set of technical skills grounded in good practical experience. It is this unique combination which places us in a strong position to tackle the varied and challenging problems that are presented to us.

At the core of Malin is a philosophy of professionalism and efficiency, allowing us to quickly turn around a client’s contract requirements as identified and to schedule. Having started out in shipping we recognise how important this can be, and this is philosophy we have had from an early stage.

Malin are always striving to improve the technology we use to deliver our clients’ needs. We have numerous software solutions to support the varied work we do and our engineers are fully trained in their operation.

  • Heavylift consultancy

  • Loadout ballasting

  • Transportation Stability

  • Seafastening design

  • Cargo and vessel integrity analysis

  • Marine operational procedures

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