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Our clients consult with us on a number of topics. Predominately this will be in the field of Heavy Lift Transport where Malin Marine Consultants Ltd can advise on any part of the operation from point of build to point of delivery.

As Malin was formed as a sister to a turnkey transport solution provider, the company has retained a significant amount of knowledge in Heavy Lift Transports and can offer their practical experience in consulting on the operations required to execute such a transport. We believe that practical experience is essential when consulting on Heavy Lift Transport as it enables Malin to advise based on what has been successful before and ensuring the solutions proposed are both cost effective and appropriate.

Malin recognise that Heavy Lift Transport is not just about ships and sea transport but often a project will hinge on ensuring access for road transport, or being able to lift large items of cargo out of awkward areas. Malin have experience in routing turbine blades through country roads, delivering towheads through towns and extracting power plant equipment out of a ten storey building. Therefore what ever the client consultancy needs are we are capable of assisting.

Malins experience is not confined to the field of Heavy Lift Transport and we can also consult on a range of Naval Architecture disciplines, including hydrodynamic analysis, stability reviews, code compliance matters and many others.

  • On site support

  • Marine Superintendency

  • Lifting plans

  • Risk Assesments and HIRA

  • Marine Operations

  • Seafastening design

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