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Malin Marine Consultants Ltd can offer a range of Naval Architecture Services encompassing a range of disciplines. Malin have the capability to assist in vessel design, stability checks, structural analysis and hydrodynamic analysis.

Malin’s Naval Architects have a broad knowledge of all the main Class societies’ rules and guidelines to allow them to meet client requirements in both the review and implementation of Class requirements.

Our Naval Architects are trained in a range of software tools to enable them to meet our clients’ needs. These tools enable them to examine Naval Architecture problems quickly and efficiently to ensure that a solution can be found in the timescales required. This extends to running various load cases for stability, examining complex structures for stress problems such as cargo at sea or determining the response of a vessel to a certain sea-state.

The above are just a few examples of what we offer. We have the capabilities and tools to approach a wide range of Naval Architecture tasks whether large or small.

  • Stability analysis

  • Vessel motion response

  • Cargo securing forces

  • Vessel modifications and strengthening

  • LOudout ballasting stages and stability

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