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One of the core strengths of Malin Marine Consultants Ltd is its knowledge and experience in structural analysis. The field of heavy lift transport often presents engineering problems that are unique. Malin have a wealth of experience in solving the complex problems required for heavy lift transport, ensuring that the cargo is delivered safely, and meeting the needs of warranty and the client.

This extends to sea-fastening design, deck strength checks, lifting design, cargo strength analysis and many more. Vessels, sea-fastenings and support steelwork are often subjected to large loads during sea-passages and it is essential that the client knows that these components are going to withstand the loads. Malin Marine deploy several engineering techniques in order to do this, ranging from simple calculations from first principles if the client needs assurances in a short space of time, to full FE studies into global vessel strength and non-linear affects.

All Malin structural work is carried out the latest codes and standards where required and a fully compliant QA systems ensures the work is fully reviewed and quality checked before it is delivered to the client.

  • Cargo integrity analysis

  • Global vessel strength

  • Vessel hatch and hold strength

  • Seafastening design

  • Crane pedestals and boom supports

  • Lifting equipment

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