Malin Marine Consultants Ltd can act as Marine Warranty Surveyors or carry out third party reviews and surveys for our clients.

With our extensive experience in designing transport solutions, we are well placed to also review others solutions for the purpose of warranty or third party checking. Because we are experienced in carrying out the design work, we can offer proactive support during the review procedure whilst still ensuring the work is carried out to a recognised industry standard resulting in the safety of both cargo and personnel.

Malin’s experience also extends to the review of marine procedures, risk assessments and method statements resulting from our experience in site work and transport attendances.

Clients may want to undertake a vessel survey. Malin Marine Consultants Ltd are well placed to carry out a number of survey types due to our staff’s exposure to a the Groups wider activities which involves chartering and vessel selection.

Due to our extensive experience in the field of Heavy Lift Transport we are able to carry out suitability surveys on proposed vessels and advise if they are suitable for a specific cargo, or heavy lift transport in general. Because Malin have experience of designing shipping solutions, we know what to look for on a vessel and ensure its compatibility with a range of cargo types as well as confirming that a vessel is up to date with the latest international conventions.

Malin also have the capability to carry out CMID surveys, on hire/off-hire and general surveys.

  • Review of marine procedures

  • Lifting supervision an approval

  • Seafastening design review

  • Heavy transport assessment

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